Artist’s View

The first thing that comes to our mind when we say ikebana is a flower arrangement; however, İkebana is a way. It is a way of personal development, a way of finding your own self and soul. In İkebana nature and man unites with one another. This art has made me realize that flowers have their own language. . When we spend time outdoors observing flowers, the act is absorbed into our inner selves. Upon realizing I had become one with nature and united with the flower while performing ikebana. I thought that such an experience should not be limited to İkebana artists only. Therefore, by addressing humanity from a flower’s perspective, I would like to share with my own society a different view thus enhancing people’s awareness of the greatness of nature.

Since Ikebana is a traditional art in Japan, I have started taking Ceramic lessons to bring a contemporary touch to İkebana. While arranging my flowers, I pay extra attention to follow Japanese Wabi Sabi Aesthetic Philosophy. Since Ikebana is made with live flowers, I need to find solutions for making them last longer. This search has directed me to learn Flower photography. In my work, I try to combine ikebana with ceramics and photography.